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NightLase® Laser Snoring Treatment

Is Snoring Ruining Your Life?

30% – 50% of adult population in the U.S. have a problem with snoring. 20% of people who snore have some form of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). 95% of people diagnosed with OSA snore. Men are most at risk, so are post-menopausal women, and anyone who is overweight. Snoring becomes more serious as we age.

Chronic snorers and their partners often experience several disruptions throughout the night, which can affect sleep quality and overall quality-of-life. Medical and Dental laser company, Fotona, has developed a laser treatment called NightLase® for the reduction of snoring. NightLase® targets the soft tissue responsible for blocking airways and causing snoring during sleep. During treatment, laser energy applied to the tissue causes collagen fibers to contract. This process is designed to tighten the treatment area and broaden the air passages, ultimately reducing snoring volume and intensity. Dr. Hamidi is highly skilled and experienced in performing the NightLase® procedure and has helped many patients take control of their snoring with this innovative, non-invasive treatment.

If you or your partner struggles with loud, chronic snoring, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule a NightLase® consultation. During this one-on-one appointment, Dr. Hamidi can answer any questions you have and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

What Are the Benefits of NightLase®?

Dr. Hamidi has chosen to offer NightLase® treatment because of the many advantages it offers to patients who want to reduce their snoring. NightLase® is:

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    Designed to treat the primary source of snoring
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    Non-surgical and non-invasive
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    Considered patient-friendly
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    Aimed at decreasing the amplitude of snoring
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    An effective way to strengthen collagen in the soft palate and surrounding areas
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    Reported to have a high success rate
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    Effective for up to a year or more
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    Virtually painless for most patients
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    Not harmful to healthy tissue

With NightLase®, patients may no longer need bulky oral appliances when they sleep. NightLase® finally offers men and women the freedom to rest comfortably without disruptive snoring for a full night’s sleep.

Who is a Candidate for NightLase®?

Ideal candidates for treatment with NightLase® struggle with loud snoring caused by soft tissue obstruction that compromises breathing during sleep. Many candidates also experience the undesirable side effects of disrupted sleep such as:

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    High Blood Pressure
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    Heart Disease
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    Weight Gain/Obesity
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    Acid Reflux
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    Daytime Sleepiness/Headaches
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    Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence
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    Stress/Relationship Problems
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    Impaired Thinking

The best way to find out if NightLase® can help reduce your snoring is to attend a consultation with Dr. Hamidi. During the appointment, he discusses your snoring issues, reviews your medical history, and performs an extensive examination of your airways. By the end of your consultation, Dr. Hamidi will be able to tell you whether NightLase® can deliver the results you are looking for.

What Happens During NightLase® Treatment?

No anesthetic is necessary prior to your NightLase® treatment, which means no injections or topical numbing solutions will be applied to the treatment area. With your mouth open, Dr. Hamidi will use the specialized NightLase® handpiece to apply laser energy to targeted areas of the soft palate and throat. During this process, most patients experience no discomfort; only a mild feeling of warmth and tingling when the laser is pulsed. Once the entire area has been treated, the session is complete. Treatment time generally takes about 20 minutes.

Do I Have to Recover After NightLase® Treatment?

For approximately 24 to 48 hours you may experience slight throat irritation. You will also be advised not to drink cold beverages for one hour post-treatment. Most patients return to their normal activities immediately following their session.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect After NightLase® Treatment?

For the majority of NightLase® patients, Dr. Hamidi recommends a series of three treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart to achieve optimal improvements in snoring. After the first session, it is not uncommon for patients to notice some degree of immediate snoring reduction. Once three sessions have been completed, your airway size should be noticeably increased. Patients who have undergone successful treatment with NightLase® typically report feeling more rested when they awaken in the morning, and their partners notice a significant reduction in snoring volume and intensity. The results achieved with NightLase® are not permanent and touch-up sessions may be necessary a year or more after your initial treatment series. If you are interested in learning more about NightLase®, please contact Dentimplant Surgical Services to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamidi.

Is NightLase® Treatment Covered By My Insurance?

Currently, insurance companies do not pay for snoring treatments as a distinct, isolated problem. If you have undergone a sleep study to diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), you should discuss the appropriate treatment with your physician, as some surgical treatments may be insurable. Nightlase is not a surgical treatment, and it is not covered by insurance benefits. Because of that, our office makes every effort to keep the procedure cost affordable, and different payment options are available.

It’s important to note that Nightlase is not a cure for OSA, and there is no evidence that it will improve blood oxygenation levels. Sometimes, Nightlase is recommended in combination with other treatment (i.e.: CPAP, diet). If you suspect that you have OSA, we recommend that you consult your physician about the need for a sleep study and the appropriate treatment for your specific needs.

For more information about Snoring & Sleep Apnea or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamidi, call our office in Dallas, Phone Number 972-947-2274.

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